Monitoring the UK’s interactions with developing countries

The UK needs better information about its interactions with the poorest countries in the world. Exposing the UK’s full impact on these countries will promote better policies that benefit all.

Development Monitor:

  • Provides data on key financial flows between the UK and individual developing countries;
  • Shows why better information can benefit the UK as well as the countries it is trying to help.

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The UK is committed to tackling global poverty, including spending 0.7% of gross national income on international development. But aid spending is only part of the story. The UK could achieve even more and get better value by dealing more effectively  with the big issues that affect developing countries, such as corruption and tax avoidance. Better information about the UK’s impact on developing countries can create stronger incentives for policy makers to resolve these issues.

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  • Publish comprehensive information on financial flows between the UK and each developing country.
  • Publish a risk assessment, showing where the UK risks having a negative impact on the countries it is trying to help.

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  • Accountability: Creating stronger incentives for policy makers to adopt coherent policies towards developing countries
  • Transparency:  Supporting the UK’s stated aim to have the most transparent government in the world.
  • Value: Enabling greater focus on the most important financial flows
  • Avoid harm: Reducing the risk of counter-productive outcomes

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