Financial flows between the UK and developing countries

Development Monitor has used public financial data to show flows between the UK and developing countries

You can explore financial flows between the UK and individual developing countries, or analyse flows for different groups of developing countries, for example UK imports from all Commonwealth developing countries. Comprehensive notes about our data and sources can be found here. We plan to add data on more interactions, including natural resource payments, arms export licences, investment positions and CDC investments (see a preview here).

Please contact us if you are interested in downloading the data behind our visualisations.

Explore financial flows for individual developing countries

Explore financial flows for groups of developing countries

Sources: DFID, World Bank, ONS, HMRC (see detailed notes)

The financial flows above cannot be aggregated to show whether there is a net transfer of resources between the UK and each developing country because there are inherent differences between flows. Some flows are simply transfers (e.g. remittances), whilst others are commercial and associated with a corresponding transfer of resources (e.g. traded goods or acquisition of equity in a foreign subsidiary). In addition, data on certain flows, such as illicit finance, is unavailable.