UK trade with developing countries

Development Monitor’s trade dashboard explores the importance of UK trade with developing countries, both for the UK and for people in developing countries. This analysis supports Development Monitor’s submission to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Trade out of Poverty inquiry on Commonwealth countries and its submission to the International Trade Committee inquiry into trade with developing countries.


Goods trade detail – HM Revenue and Customs (see note below)
Services trade and UK total trade – Office for National Statistics
Developing country GDP, population and total trade – World Bank – World Development Indicators


Goods trade data is based on movement of goods in and out of the UK. These figures may vary from our latest analysis which uses more recently available ONS trade data that is compiled on a balance of payments basis. ONS data corresponds to change in ownership between UK residents and non-UK residents (see IMF adjustment methodology) and has different treatment of non-monetary gold.
Excludes Tuvalu
Analysis of developing country exports is based on UK import data


Trade overview – Commonwealth developing countries

Trade overview – Least Developed Countries